As many as 49 objects were found at the Go Thap relic complex in Thap Muoi district of the Mekong Delta province of Dong Thap during the three excavations in 1993, 2009 and 2013.

They are golden sheets of different shapes and decorated with patterns depicting such flora and fauna as lotuses, cows, pigs and snakes, which are believed to associate with Gods, including Vinshnu – a supreme God of Vaishnavism – a main sect of Hinduism.

A set of jewelries including an earring, a necklace and four rings also demonstrates the engraving skills of goldsmiths in the civilisation.

Local authorities are seeking national treasure title for the collection that is valuable in terms of science, art-culture and religion.

Oc Eo is believed to have taken shape and flourished in the Mekong Delta from the first to the sixth century AD, contributing a number of ancient objects to the national treasures such as pottery, tools and religious statues.

The Go Thap archaeological complex was recognised as a special national relic site in late 2012.-VNA