Head of the Government’s Committee for Religious Affairs Nguyen Thai Binh led a delegation to visit Buddhist dignitaries at the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (VBS) on Jan. 20 on the occasion of the Tet (Lunar) New Year holidays.

Binh, member of the Party Central Committee and Deputy Minister of Home Affairs, said he wished Most Venerable Thich Thanh Tu, Vice Chairman of the VBS Executive Council and venerables and superior bonzes a happy and healthy New Year.

While providing information on the country’s socio-economic review in 2010 and orientation in 2011 and the 11 th National Party Congress, Binh affirmed that the achievements include the contributions of over 20 million religious people nationwide, including Buddhist dignitaries, nuns and monks.

Binh highlighted VBS activities that consist of the popularisation of Buddhism, extending gratefulness to those who rendered their service to the country and fallen soldiers, and charity works in recent years. He said he hoped VBS would continue to consolidate Buddhist organisations at all levels and conduct practical activities to raise followers and nuns and monks’ awareness of their responsibility to do good deeds for both religion and the country.

Most Venerable Tu said VBS wishes to continue making more contributions to socio-economic development and poverty reduction./.