Thailand’s tourism sector has been hit by ongoing political demonstrations, with cancellations of inbound tours and conventions, while tourists also avoid visiting Bangkok capital, local media reported.

According to the Tourism Council of Thailand, there was significant drop in number of inbound tourists due to the impact of political unrest on the Thai tourism.

It said although those who have already confirmed their trips tend to stick with their plan, minor changes have been made to avoid the protests.

It said about 20 percent of inbound Asian travelers have reportedly cancelled their visits to the country, and opt to visit other countries instead. Another 30 percent have changed their destinations to other Thai provinces. However, it said European tourists are still visiting Thailand but tending to avoid the Thai capital.

Up to 30 percent of planned conventions in the country have been cancelled even though travel warnings issued by 32 foreign embassies say the situation is not critical. Some countries including China have advised their citizens to reconsider visiting Thailand due to the unrest.-VNA