More than 500 students from several universities and colleges in the Central Highlands province of Dak Lak registered to donate blood at a festival held in the locality on December 21.

Organised by the provincial Red Cross in conjunction with the Hanh Trinh Do blood donation mobilisation club, the event collected 150 units of bloods to provide for the province’s general hospital.

Nguyen Duc Phu, a representative from the provincial Steering Committee of Blood Donation Mobilisation, said campaigns to calling for blood donation have received warm response from students and pupils in the Central Highlands region in recent years.

The activity will contribute to rescuing many people from death, especially during the Lunar New Year Festival, he added.

Apart from mobilising blood donation, volunteers of the club also held activities to raise public awareness of thalassemia disease. About 5 million Vietnamese people have suffered from the disease and 20,000 of them need treatment.-VNA