The Overseas Party Committee held a celebration to mark its 50 th anniversary in Hanoi on March 28, which falls on March 31.

On behalf of the Political Bureau, Truong Tan Sang, Standing member of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat, acknowledged the efforts of the Overseas Party Committee during the past 50 years.

Overseas Vietnamese representative offices have upheld their leading role to direct Overseas Vietnamese to complete their political role, contributing to implementing the Party and State’s foreign policy, he said.

The Overseas Party Committee has made efforts to lead the popularisation task, to connect with and support Overseas Vietnamese to stabilise their lives and make contributions to the national struggle and industrialisation and modernisation process as well as increasing Vietnam ’s prestige and position in the international arena, Sang added.

He also said that the committee’s exertion has helped consolidate and develop friendship and cooperation between the Vietnamese Party, State and people with other ruling and political parties, states and people of other countries throughout the world.

The Politburo member stressed that strengthening and improving the effectiveness of overseas Party affairs are the responsibility of not only the Overseas Party Committee, but also the entire political system.

The committee must continue to lead and give directions to overseas Party organisations to perform their tasks of Party building, management of Party members, students, pupils and guest workers and raising Vietnamese community’s awareness on Party and State’s policies and laws, and to promptly discover and fight distorted arguments of hostile forces, he said.

Regarding Overseas Vietnamese- related affairs, Sang stressed that one of the most important tasks of the committee is to mobilise and help the community stabilise their lives, integrate into local countries and preserve Vietnamese cultural identities.

He also asked the committee to inquire into Vietnamese expatriates’ desires in order to report to the Party and State and provide enough information on the country, the Party and State’s policies for the community./.