More than 80 representatives of overseas Vietnamese (OV) organisations and Vietnamese living abroad have visited and presented gifts to officers, soldiers and residents in Truong Sa island district, central coastal Khanh Hoa province since early May.

According to Colonel Nguyen Hai Trieu, permanent member of the Southern Political Department and head of the Truong Sa and DK1 Platform’s gift receiving board, the donors mainly came from Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Russia, the US, France, Germany, Poland, Demark, Japan, Canada, Singapore and the Czech Republic.

The Association of Vietnam Veterans in Germany’s Leip Zig province presented 2,000 EUR to soldiers working on Truong Sa archipelago and DK1 Platform while the Overseas Vietnamese Association in Russia offered 2,000 USD.

OVs also presented 71 boxes of electric fans, 40 clocks, three boxes of medicine among others worth hundreds of millions of VND in total.

The Hanoi Association of Fellow Countrymen in Ho Chi Minh City gave 100 million VND (4,800 USD) to the soldiers.-VNA