Painter drawing Uncle Ho for more than 40 years

Thousands of paintings of Uncle Ho have been created by Tran Xuan Phuc, a talented artist who has spent more than 40 years on his work. Join us to meet Phuc and see why his paintings leave an indelible impression on art lovers!

Born into a family with artistic traditions, Tran Xuan Phuc showed a passion for painting from an early age. With guidance from his father, painter Tran Xuan Vi, Phuc took his own painting path - creating portraits of Uncle Ho.

Phuc can’t remember how many paintings of Uncle Ho he has drawn, but all were created from the heart and with respect for the beloved President. His paintings can be found at many State and Government organisations and have appeared in art collections both in Vietnam and abroad.

Phuc has worked tirelessly to improve his skills but has never been trained. Instead, he learned from friends and colleagues and diligently collected documents about Uncle Ho.

Each person is unique, gifted in different ways. For Tran Xuan Phuc, his life is attached to paintings of President Ho Chi Minh. After more than 40 years of holding paint brushes, he spends time on other topics, but he is in the habit of drawing Uncle Ho every day./.