A delegation from the Mass Mobilisation Commission of the Party Central Committee, led by Vice Director Nguyen The Trung, is paying a visit to Italy from April 22 to 26.

On April 24, they discussed cultural, religious and national issues at a meeting with the Italian Interior Ministry’s Immigration and Civil Liberties Department.

Deputy Interior Minister Saverio Ruperto confirmed that Italy is keen to consolidate the two countries’ relationship.

Trung used the occasion to thank Italy for its support and assistance to Vietnam ’s during its past struggle for national independence.

He said he hopes bilateral cooperation will develop further in a number of fields.

The Deputy Head of the Immigration and Civil Liberties Department and Head of the Religious Affairs Committee, Sandra Sarti, discussed her country’s religious policy.

She also talked about the management and legislation of several religious organisations as well as the country’s experience of dealing with emerging issues.

Both discussed immigration issues and preserving the cultures and languages of Italy ’s ethnic minorities.

On April 22, the delegation met with the Vietnamese Embassy to learn about the Vietnamese community in Italy and the conditions of Vietnamese guest workers in Cyprus. -VNA