Ideological work is always important and even more so in the current domestic and world situation, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong told key officials of the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Popularisation and Education at a working session in Hanoi on Feb. 7.

As cadres, party members and people constantly improve their knowledge, the popularisation and education sector must renovate and make use of modern and diverse information channels in order to be persuasive, he went on to say.

At the session, Le Hong Anh, Politburo member and permanent member of the Party Central Committee Secretariat, and representatives from ministries and agencies suggested specific solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of the ideological work in the coming time.

The sector should be more proactive in keeping up with the thinking and opinions of cadres, Party members and people, especially young people and students, and raise its capacity on research, forecast, and consultancy and invest more in personnel work in terms of both quality and quantity, they said.

The commission’s head Dinh The Huynh, Politburo member, member of the Party Central Committee’s Secretariat, reported that last year, the sector completed a large volume of work in organising and the study of the Party Congress’ Resolution. The sector also fulfilled its tasks in providing consultancy to other sectors regarding ideology, arts and culture, science and education and information.

The commission also spearheaded the fight against wrong awareness and erroneous views of hostile forces to protect policies of the Party and the State, Huynh added./.