The Party Central Committee’s Secretariat organised a meeting in Hanoi on December 10 for more than 300 Party members who were once imprisoned by the enemy during the anti-US resistance war from 1954-1975.

Addressing the meeting, Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong said the event was intended as a chance for the Party and State to express the profound gratitude to tens of thousands of revolutionary prisoners who contributed importantly to the liberation of the south and the country’s reunification.

Even in prison, the fighting spirit of communists remained strong and inspired others, the Party leader said adding that the experiences and lessons gained in Party building and combat leadership from the revolutionary prisoners should be promoted during peacetime.

The Party leader reiterated that Party strengthening and economic development continue to be the country’s core tasks at the moment.

During 1954-1975, the US-led regime established over 300 prisons across Vietnam, detaining more than 700,000 political prisoners, including communists, revolutionary soldiers and patriots.-VNA