Peace significant to promote human right hinh anh 1President of Vietnam Peace Committee Uong Chu Luu (Photo: VNA)
Hanoi (VNA) – Peace plays a crucial role in the protection and promotion of human right, President of the Vietnam Peace Committee (VPC) Uong Chu Luu said at a workshop in Hanoi on September 29.

In Vietnam, human right and citizens’ political, civic, economic, cultural and social rights are recognised, respected, protected and guaranteed in concordance with the Constitution and the law, he stressed.

Vice Chairman of the National Assembly’s Committee for External Relations Ngo Duc Manh said the Constitution 2013 – inheriting from the previous ones - has featured Vietnam’s thoughts on peace in the fullest manner in the light of international integration.

It also institutionalises the country’s foreign policy that “Vietnam wants to be a friend of all countries in the international community striving for peace, independence, and development,” he cited.

A new point of Constitution 2013 clarifies that peace and cooperation for mutual development must be based on international law, the UN Chapter and international treaties to which Vietnam is a member, he said.

The document confirms Vietnam is a reliable friend and partner and a responsible member of the international community for national interests as well as for peace, independence, democracy, and social progress in the world.

It also affirms that Vietnam condemns all unjust wars, hostile forces, terrorism and any behaviours undermining peace and cooperation between nations around the globe, he said.

During the workshop, participants discussed the significance of peace to ensuring human right and threats to people’s right to peace as well as shared information on Vietnam’s international integration policy for peace and sustainable development, and the role of Buddhism and Catholicism in the field.-VNA