People urged to enhance vigilance against terrorist organisation hinh anh 1Leaders of terrorist organisation "Trieu dai Viet" (Viet Dynasty) (Photo: Ministry of Public Security)

Hanoi (VNA) – People should stay vigilant against the “Trieu Dai Viet” (Viet Dynasty) that has been identified as a terrorist organisation by the Vietnamese Ministry of Public Security, a police officer has said.

In an interview granted to the Vietnam News Agency (VNA), Major General Bui Thanh Ha, deputy head of the ministry’s domestic security department, said people should be aware of plots, operational methods and activities of the organisation and its danger, as well as consequences of terrorist acts.

On January 5, the ministry announced that the Canada-based “Trieu dai Viet” is a terrorist organisation.

Established by former members of a terrorist organisation called “Provisional National Government of Vietnam” in January 2018, the “Trieu Dai Viet” is operating many websites and media channels.

Its leaders are Ngo Van Hoang Hung who has Canadian citizenship, Tran Thanh Dinh with German citizenship, Ngo Manh Cuong with French citizenship and Huynh Thanh Hoang with US citizenship.

The organisation operates in the forms of conducting armed rebellions, providing finance and instructing its units in Vietnam to carry out terrorist and destruction activities; and inciting people to stage demonstrations and engage in riots to overthrow the administration.

 It has sent tens of thousands of USD and hundreds of millions of VND to its members in Vietnam to set up “military zones,” recruit supporters, expand activities, purchase weapons, make explosive devices, and put forth attack plans on State agencies, armed force units and public places.

In June 2018, Hung instructed a group of six people to stage an attack using TNT explosive at the police station of ward 12, Tan Binh district, Ho Chi Minh City.

According to Ha, the organisation also plotted the establishment of armed groups to conduct terrorist attacks, which, however, were swiftly prevented by security forces.

It has made use of the cyber space, particularly Youtube and Facebook, to publish video clips promoting itself and distorting the Party’s policies and guidelines, and the State’s laws, and inciting people to engage in demonstrations and disturbances.

Competent agencies have so far arrested, prosecuted and tried 17 people and put two other members of the organisation on the wanted list on the charge of “terrorism against people’s administration.”  

In the announcement, the ministry said anyone who participate in the organisation, lure others to join it, sponsor and receive sponsorship from it, take part in its training courses, and follow its instructions have committed the crime of “terrorism” and “sponsoring terrorism” and will be handled pursuant to Vietnam’s law.

Terrorism is an extremely serious crime that violates the interests of the State, organisations and individuals, Ha said, suggesting the public study legal regulations on anti-terrorism, report terrorist acts and closely coordinate with competent agencies in the fight against terrorism./.