Personnel preparation, a hard, important task: conference hinh anh 1At the conference (Source:

Hanoi (VNA) -  Personnel preparation was the main focus of a conference held by the steering board of the project of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee (CPVCC)’s seventh plenum  in Hanoi on February 6.

Delegates at the conference looked into the project to train capable and prestigious officials at all levels, especially strategic level, to be submitted at the CPVCC’s seventh plenum.

They approved of tasks and solutions set in the project, while suggesting that such solutions be synchronous with those identified in the Resolution of the CPVCC’s sixth plenum on continuing the rearrangement of the political system.

Attention should also be paid to learning and observing the guidelines and stances of the Party, as well as policies and laws of the State on personnel work, in order to raise officials’ awareness of personnel work.

The delegates said that the issuance of a new resolution on personnel work aims to match with the Resolution of the CPVCC’s fourth plenum on Party building and rectification, and the Resolution of the sixth plenum.

Sharing the delegates’ views, Politburo member Pham Minh Chinh, Secretary of the CPVCC and head of the CPVCC's Organisation Commission, stressed the importance of the new resolution.

Building a contingent of capable and prestigious officials at all levels, especially at the strategic one, is a “hard, specially important task”, he said, underlining the need to define the focus of the project and create new, feasible ways to deal with urgent issues.

Chinh, also head of the steering board of the project of CPVCC’s seventh plenum, asked the aid group of the steering board to complete a draft project.-VNA