Phenikaa named in top 50 most profitable enterprises in 2022

Phenikaa Group has been honoured as one of the top 50 most profitable companies in Vietnam in 2022.
Phenikaa named in top 50 most profitable enterprises in 2022 ảnh 1A Phenikaa Group representative poses for a photo at the award ceremony in Hanoi. (Photo courtesy of Phenikaa)
Hanoi (VNS/VNA) - Phenikaa Group has been honoured as one of the top 50 most profitable companies in Vietnam in 2022.

Granted by Vietnam Report JSC and the online newspaper VietNamNet, the award aims to recognise businesses with effective operation, high profits and sustainable development.

This is 5th consecutive year Phenikaa and 6th consecutive year its member company, Vicostone JSC, have been listed in the top 500 most profitable enterprises in Vietnam.

According to Vietnam Report, as growing risks and uncertainties loom on the global economy, businesses have been facing an increase in prices and costs amid inflation pressure. Such a context further highlights the importance of selecting and honouring the most profitable enterprises, thus elevating the brands of Vietnamese businesses in both domestic and international markets.

With a solid foundation, Phenikaa Group will further embrace its internal strength, while expanding and investing its comprehensive resources in the sustainability of the Group's 3-Centers Ecosystem, including Business, Education and Training, Scientific and Research.

In the industry sector, Phenikaa continues to affirm the prestige of the VICOSTONE® brand in more than 50 countries, maintaining its position in the top three largest suppliers of engineered stone countertops to the global market.

Besides, Phenikaa Electronics Factory and Phenikaa Lighting - Natural lighting technology for human health, were both introduced in July 2022. The launching of Phenikaa Lighting with its LED products is a strong evidence of the efficiency of the Phenikaa Ecosystem which is a prominent case among several of the group's innovative efforts and achievements.

In the technology sector, Phenikaa has actively invested in extensive research, development and ownership of core technology to serve the essential needs of the digital economy such as self-driving, digital maps and light sources. From these core technologies, Phenikaa has expanded into a number of application solutions such as self-driving cars, IoT devices, smart maps, smart robots and smart lighting solutions. They all serve their parts in the vision of a future smart city, where urban life is modernised and convenient at its best.

In the education and training area, Phenikaa has built a system of educational institutions according to international standards, with an experience-oriented and self-contained training model from primary and secondary education (Phenikaa School) to higher education (Phenikaa University). The training programme is constantly being consolidated and optimised, with increasing cooperation with top international schools and continuously improved quality of students. These initial achievements have played a significant role in the community's recognition of Phenikaa’s education and training sector.

Furthermore, in the field of scientific research, Phenikaa has made sufficient investments in research, considering it a key mission to yield competitive advantages. The group has also prioritised the transfer and commercialisation of research results, to serve social and community needs. Currently, Phenikaa has five research centres and research institutes with advanced machinery and equipment to assist more than 20 experienced research groups.

In the healthcare sector, with the strength of human resources training platforms for medicine, pharmacy and scientific research, the group has taken the first step in building modern facilities and boosting investment in the field of healthcare.

There are two hospitals following the model of a smart hospital and a pharmaceutical factory with the goal of researching, developing and manufacturing pharmaceuticals and vaccines according to WHO-GMP and EU-GMP standards, providing pharmaceutical testing services and bioequivalence to improve human health and the quality of life.

From now until the end of 2023, rising inflation, global economic-political instability, supply chain disruptions and a decline in consumer purchasing power will continue to be the pressures on Phenikaa and the business community.

Thus, the above-mentioned award is not only a recognition of the capability and initiative approach of Phenikaa, but also a leverage to improve the brand's reputation and the group's advantage in accessing new business opportunities, within the context of strengthening economic integration, according to the group./.

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