The Prime Minister has recognised Phu Quoc island district in the southern province of Kien Giang as a second-tier city.

The rating system classifies cities into tiers based on political, economic and demographic factors signifying their current stage of development.

The island’s promotion follows progress made in becoming an economic and political hub, a crucial frontier in national defence and security, and a crucial transit point for international travelers.

The local government has also made strides in urban planning, consolidating more than 70 percent of urban housing, constructing a 60.72km transport network and development a 67.5ha urban area.

It is also developing regulations to guide the management of the island’s architecture.

Located on the Vienam-Cambodia-Thailand marine economic corridor, Phu Quoc island district covers more than with a population of over 96,940. It comprises 27 islands with Phu Quoc being the largest.

A tourist hub in Kien Giang, Phu Quoc, dubbed the Paradise Pearl Island , has also earned reputation worldwide. It welcomed nearly 325,000 holidaymakers in the first seven months of this year.-VNA