The ancient village Phuoc Tich in the central province of Thua Thien Hue is reaping benefit from growing numbers of tourists after years of efforts in reviving the traditional ceramics craft and preserving ancient houses.

Being one of the only two villages in Vietnam recognized as national cultural-historical relics, Phuoc Tich, located at Phong Hoa commune in Phong Dien district, was formed under the reign of King Le Thanh Tong (1460-1497) with the initial name of Dong Quyet and subsequently renamed Phuoc Tich during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945).

According to Nguyen Dai Vui, chairman of Phong Dien district People’s Committee, all families in the village earned their living from making ceramics for the past 500 years. Phuoc Tich ceramics used to be very famous, and they were once selected for use by the Nguyen kings.

With the assistance from Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA) in collaboration with Japan’s Showa Women’s University, Phuoc Tich is able to revive its traditional ceramic craft, which not only brings in commercial benefits but also boosts tourism.

Twenty residents from Phuoc Tich got support and training from the JICA and the university to devise new designs for their products using traditional techniques.

Visitors are delighted when being served local food on plates and bowls made right in the village in an idyllic setting of an orchard.

The village has been on tourist maps since 2008 with a tour named “the ancient village’s old taste” during every occasion of the Hue Festivals.

“Nowadays, Phuoc Tich’s pottery kilns are still burning bright, they not only turn out pottery products but also help promote the local traditional craft to domestic and international tourists,” Nguyen The, a researcher on Hue culture, said.

“It is kind of hitting two targets with one arrow,” The added.

Besides revitalizing the traditional ceramic craft, the village has been trying to preserve its heritage of old houses. There are 24 ancient houses in the village, with the oldest one dating back to 1850.

These ancient wooden houses were built with a typical architectural style of three compartments and two lean-tos, surrounded by a garden with rows of green tea bushes serving as the fence and a brick-covered courtyard.

Last year, Phuoc Tich village welcomed 4,398 visitors, a huge surge of 219 percent against 2013, bringing in 200 million VND in revenue.-VNA