PM calls on expats to strictly comply with rules

​Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has called on all Vietnamese compatriots overseas to strictly comply with rules and regulations set by the countries where they live.

In a letter sent to Vietnamese community abroad released on April 11, the Gov’t leader said Vietnam has been taking control of the situation, achieving initial positive results with 50 percent of the infected people making a full recovery and, especially, no deaths so far.

He highly valued overseas Vietnamese’s valuable and practical support and sharing for the prevention and control of the pandemic in the country.

He urged Vietnamese abroad to continue to stand side by side with the country and the people at home to combat the pandemic.

"The fight against the COVID-19 is still facing a lot of hardships ahead, requiring more efforts from all of us, including the overseas Vietnamese community,” he said.

He said together with the unanimity of compatriots and soldiers nationwide as well as our compatriots abroad, we will certainly win the pandemic.

On April 11, Vietnam reported one more case of Covid infections, raising its tally to 258./.