PM meets veteran journalists on revolutionary press day hinh anh 1Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc (front, fourth, right) and representatives of press agencies pose for a photo at the meeting in Hanoi on June 20 (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA)Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc met with veteran journalists and leaders of media agencies across the country in Hanoi on July 20 on the occasion of the 93th anniversary of the Vietnam Revolutionary Press Day (June 21).

The PM highlighted that over the past 93 years, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnam revolutionary press has been a major force playing an important role in the field of ideology and culture.

The sector has achieved great progress over the past years and made significant contributions to the revolutionary cause of the Party as well as the national construction and defence, he said.

The Government leader praised the press sector for reporting on the domestic and world situation in a full and timely manner, covering all aspects of life and society and discovering new factors and effective models in various fields.

The media has honoured good examples and countered wrongful arguments and distorted information, contributing to fighting corruption, wastefulness, protecting the national sovereignty, promoting external relations, and combating degradation in morality and lifestyle, thus strengthening social consensus, noted the PM.

Accompanying the cause of renewal and national development, the Vietnam revolutionary press has developed diverse media forms, including printed newspaper, radio, television, e-paper, and multimedia, he said.

With a strong force of nearly 850 media agencies and more than 18,000 reporters having press cards, and a Vietnam Journalists’ Association with more than 22,000 members, the Vietnam revolutionary press has been a vanguard force on the ideology battlefield.

Many journalists have set bright examples in devoting their life for the national construction and defence.

“We are deeply moved by the many journalists who died or get injured while performing their job in peaceful time, most recently Dinh Huu Du from the Vietnam News Agency who died when covering flood and storm situation in Yen Bai,” stated the PM.

He also expressed hope that media agencies will show better performance in implementing their tasks of communications assigned by the Party, State and people.

PM Phuc stressed that the current domestic and world situation requires journalists to continue renovating and exerting more efforts in order to keep their role and position in guiding public opinion and contributing more to the national construction and defence in the new period.

In the context of deeper international integration of the country and strong development of the information and communication technology, media staff should quickly get access to new communications technology and methods.

“The press, in any forms, should be sharp-witted and keep updated on new technology,” he added.-VNA