Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung has urged police forces to ensure security and order in all fields and areas, and put a stop to acts of public disorder incitement, and information and psychological battles hatched by hostile forces to defend the country’s territorial sovereignty.

At the 68 th national congress of police in Hanoi on December 17, Dung called on the police to prevent the establishment of oppositional political organisations that conspire to sabotage national construction and defence, and go against the interest of the country and people, noting it was one of the force’s main tasks in 2013.

Dung also pointed out existing challenges faced by the country, including an increase in crimes related to drugs, terrorism, and women and child trafficking, which according to him require the police’s serious consideration to propose sound measures that will resolve them.

He asked the sector to pay due attention to the Party and forces building, considering it a decisive factor to successfully implement its political mission.

This year, the police solved over 37,000 criminal cases, put an end to 2,785 criminal gangs, and successfully rescued all hostages in blackmail situations.

They gave priority was given to combating economic and hi-tech crimes, detecting 11,620 economic offences and 324 incidents of corruption. They also handled 17,823 drug cases and arrested 26,135 smugglers, seizing 690kg of heroin and hundreds of thousands of methamphetamine pills.-VNA