President Truong Tan Sang has called on Vietnamese people at home and abroad and international friends to continue supporting Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin victims.

Visiting the Vietnam Association of Victims of Agent Orange (AO)/dioxin (VAVA) in Hanoi on December 24, President Sang also lauded VAVA officials, honourary members and volunteers for their efforts in support of the victims, affirming that this is an urgent and long-term duty of both the political system and the whole people.

He asked the association to proactively give consultations to the Party and State on addressing consequences by the toxic chemical.

VAVA President Sen. Lieut. Gen. Nguyen Van Rinh said that the association has established its chapters in 59 cities and provinces with over 315,000 members.

It has relations with about 500 organisations and individuals in 30 nations around the world in its struggle for justice.

According to VAVA, US forces sprayed 80 million litres of Agent Orange totalling almost 400 kg of dioxin on Vietnam’s southern battlefields during a 10-year period beginning on August 10, 1961.

Preliminary statistics by Vietnamese scientists indicated about 3 million Vietnamese people were exposed to dioxin. The toxic chemical still has a severe impacts on Vietnam’s filial generations today.-VNA