President Truong Tan Sang said he believes the court sector will keep up with the reform of the judicial system in line with the newly-adopted Constitution and Party’s Resolutions.
At a working session with the Supreme People’s Court in Hanoi on December 23 to review this year’s judicial reform and launch its tasks for 2014, President Sang hailed its efforts this year and asked for a review of the implementation of the Party’s Resolutions and State laws.

At the same time, the court must improve judges’ performance by training them in professional skills and ethics, he noted.

Top officials of the Supreme People’s Court reported to the President that the sector has dealt with nearly 365,000 legal cases this year, or 92.3 percent of the total, up more than 34,400 from last year. Basically, the quality of legal proceedings has improved.

Additionally, it has fulfilled its role as a mediator for all sides in a dispute.

In the settlement of appeal requests, the court and its provincial-level bodies have resolved over 7,400 lawsuits, a year-on-year rise of 5.3 percent.

In the legislation, it has been drafting and perfecting three bills and three ordinances while providing input on other laws and legal documents.

On the enforcement of criminal sentences, the first instance courts handed down verdicts to some 129,000 defendants and granted remissions to over 52,000 with good rehabilitation records.

The court, however, also acknowledged that the number of cancelled or amended indictments has yet to fall as expected, especially in administrative cases.-VNA