A statue of President Ho Chi Minh has been placed at Cerro Navia commune, Santiago, reflecting Chileans’ respect and admiration to the Vietnamese late leader.

At an inaugural ceremony on July 4, Vice Chairwoman of the Vietnamese National Assembly Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan recalled the meeting between the then Chilean Senate Speaker Salvador Allende and President Ho in Vietnam 45 years ago, saying the event laid a sound foundation for the two countries’ friendship and cooperation.

She and the head of Cerro Navia commune, Luis Plaza Sánchez, together unveiled the statue to mark a new milestone in the two countries’ relations.

The inaugural ceremony was followed by folk dances performed by Chilean artists and students.

The statue sits inside the Ho Chi Minh park on Herminda de la Victoria street. The park was built in 1969, constituting solidarity and support by Chilean people to Vietnamese people’s struggle for national liberation.-VNA