On April 7, President Truong Tan Sang made a fact finding trip to inspect the dyke network in the Mekong Delta provinces.

The three hour tour by helicopter started from Ho Chi Minh City and ended in the southernmost province of Ca Mau , where the President was updated on investment for upgrading and extending the dykes as well as their construction. He was also informed of the economic benefits that the network of dykes brings about.

In Ca Mau province, President Sang met with people in Dat Mui commune in Ngoc Hien district and praised them for their efforts and creativity in growing and protecting the mangrove forests as well as the work they have done to reinforce the dykes.

He advised the local people to reclaim any available land and use the natural resources in these areas to help promote socio-economic development as well as urging the local community to monitor and upgrade the dyke network.

Ca Mau has a 100km long network of dykes that links up with the neighbouring province of Kien Giang . Some sections of the west dyke network have been badly damaged and are in need of repair. This has adversely affected production and the livelihoods of thousands of local households.

A project to replant forests in the area to help protect the dykes is expected to be carried out along the western dyke network in Cau Mau province.-VNA