President Truong Tan Sang has praised the Central Theoretical Council for its role in enlightening the Party's theoretical and practical issues while re-affirming the inevitable objective on the path towards socialism of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Addressing the second meeting of the council in the capital city on Feb.1, Sang asked the council members to hold high their advisory role to the Party Central Committee, the politburo and the Party Secretariat in building Party resolutions.

He expressed his conviction that the council will play an important role in the ideological and theoretical fight and become a model for the scientific community in the fields of ideology, education, ethics, culture and style.

Regarding the on-going revision of the 1992 Constitution, President Truong Tan Sang urged council members to conduct extensive theoretical study, drawing lessons learned from the constitution implementation and then come up with suggestions to help the constitutional drafting committee to make any improvements to the constitution.

"In 2012, the Party, Government and people are resolved to continue to push forward in the renewal process, and overcome difficulties and challenges in socio-economic management in the rapidly changing and complex domestic and international context," said Sang.

Dinh The Huynh, Politburo member and the council president asked the council to honour its responsibility in solidifying and implementing the Party political platform which was revised and adopted in 2011 at the 11th National Party Congress on the path to building socialism and the strategy for socio-economic development in the 2011-20 period. /.