On April 21 President Truong Tan Sang met with the leaders of Phuoc Tien commune, Bac Ai district, during his visit to the central coastal province of Ninh Thuan .

He praised the efforts made by the leaders and people in Phuoc Tien, in creating a new rural model and said he believes that the commune will make many more achievements in the future.

The President said that he hopes that local people will take the initiative and apply new technologies in farming and combine production with trade and services.

He asked the local authorities to pay more care to the families of policy beneficiaries, while helping the local people to raise productivity.

As a mountainous commune located in the west of Bac Ai district, Phuoc Tien is home to seven ethnic groups.

After its huge contribution to the nation’s struggles against foreign invaders, the officials and people in the area were presented with the title “Hero of People’s Armed Forces”.

In the past, in response to the State’s campaign to create new rural models, the people in Phuoc Tien have seen their living standards improve significantly.-VNA