Press acting on fake COVID-19 reports

Vietnam has not reported any cases of community transmission of COVID-19 for more than two months. False information on COVID-19 is also close to disappearing, thanks in part to the role of the press in mastering mainstream news on the disease.

When Vietnam reported its 17th COVID-19 case, who returned from a trip to Europe, fake news and rumours spread like wildfire on social media.

The patient was the first in Hanoi to have been infected and suffered vicious online abuse, with many commenters slandering her with easily debunked claims.

With drastic measures adopted by authorities and citizens, Vietnam was able to contain the pandemic extremely well. Journalists have remained on the frontlines, providing honest information on the disease so that Vietnam’s efforts are quickly known among the public.

Regularly and accurately updating the public on the virus and the measures adopted to prevent its spread has affirmed the role of mainstream journalism in helping people become more aware about epidemic prevention, establishing trust in the Party’s leadership among the community./.