Purple mountain ebonies dazzle Hanoians

Mountain ebonies (ban flowers in Vietnamese), which are signature of northwestern mountainous region of Vietnam, have bloomed vividly in Bac Son and Hoang Dieu streets in downtown Hanoi, enchanting both locals and tourists in the capital city.

Locals and tourists in Hanoi these days have flocked to Bac Son and Hoang Dieu streets in Ba Binh district, Hanoi to pose for instagramable photos with mountain ebonies, a signature flower of the Northwestern region.

Since the early 1960s, local authorities have been planting mountain ebonies along some of the main streets of Hanoi, enabling local residents to enjoy the view while travelling along these roads. Ever since, every February and March, the streets have welcomed flocks of people to visit and take pictures with the flower.

Interweaving among the trees, the purple-pinkish hue of ban flowers colour the roads of Hanoi with a captivating beauty, creating a picturesque Hanoi./.