Quang Ninh strives for leading position in cyber security, safety hinh anh 1The public service portal of Quang Ninh (Photo: screenshot)

Quang Ninh (VNA) – The northern province of Quang Ninh is undertaking drastic measures to become the leading locality in the country in terms of cyber security and safety in 2025, according to a resolution issued by the provincial Party Committee on the implementation of comprehensive digital transformation until 2025 with a vision to 2030.

Vice Director of the provincial Department of Information and Communications Nguyen Trung Hieu said the resolution’s major objectives include fundamentally and comprehensively renovating the leadership, management and governance activities of Party and State agencies, the Vietnam Fatherland Front (VFF) committee and socio-political organisations in the locality.

The province will focus on promoting the growth of the digital economy, paving the way for the development and new growth values for local socio-economic sectors, thus step by step turning the digital economy into a key factor in the province’s gross regional domestic product (GRDP) growth.

The locality’s digital transformation efforts will focus on building a safe, humanitarian digital society basing on three key pillars of nature, culture and the people, aiming to develop digital citizens and digital society, ensuring cyber security and safety in association with protecting national security, defence and digital sovereignty.

By 2025, Quang Ninh expects to be a leading locality in terms of the level of digital transformation in Party, State, VFF agencies and socio-political organisations, becoming a model in comprehensive digital transformation at the provincial level.

Hieu said that digital transformation is a new area related to many fields, while the province’s institution, policy and resources have remained modest. Therefore, Quang Ninh needs time to implement the scheme, complete its institution and raise public awareness of the matter.

In order to bring digital transformation into life, the province has so far this year conducted a scheme in major fields of education, health care, tourism, transportation, trade, industry, customs and digital business.

It has integrated technologies and built platforms for businesses, hotels, restaurants, travel firms, transportation companies and local residents to engage in the promotion of Quang Ninh tourism.

The locality has mobilised local teachers and education management officials to participate in smart education, focusing on collecting documents and knowledge serving teaching activities.

Meanwhile, the province has completed the connection of healthcare data at all levels to serve the online health examination and treatment, thus easing the overload of central hospitals. Smart cameras have been installed along major transport routes.

Quang Ninh has also strengthened the operations of e-commerce platforms to promote sales of local OCOP (One Commune-One Product) products, while applying digital technologies in the processing of customs clearance procedures at border gates.

The digital transformation process has also been sped up in the fields of culture and art, ensuring that more people can access cultural and art services.

Last year, Quang Ninh ranked third among the centrally-run cities and provinces nationwide in terms of digital transformation, leaping four places from 2021.

In the first seven months of 2023, the provincial public service portal received 27,577 requests. As of June, mobile telecommunications service had covered 100% of the residential areas. The province had also erected 4,544 BTS (base transceiver stations) in coastal and islands areas./.