Ten years after a project to move Quang Tri residents to an eco-friendly village on sand area in the coastal district of Trieu Phong was launched, their lives have been improved.

Like others in Trieu Lang commune, Nguyen Trong’s family faced numerous difficulties when they first moved to the eco-friendly village in hamlet 5.

However, thanks to their great efforts and local support, Trong’s family has set up a business breeding fowl, rearing fish and growing crops.

In Trieu Phong district alone, there are 11 eco-friendly villages on sand area which are now home to 750 households. Notably, Trieu Lang commune has 100 households. Those living in the village received State assistance to build homes, plant trees, and dig lakes to breed fish and store water for farming .

The village is accessible by road and has electricity and irrigation works.

The 100 poor families that settled in the village have escaped poverty. Some of them are now well-off.

Tran Mai Son, Chairman of the Trieu Lang communal People’s Committee said residents’ lives are now much better. In the future, they will call on the locals to revamp their farms to grow saplings more effectively. At the same time, they will gradually relocate more locals to other sand areas.

Phan Quang Giai, Deputy Chairman of the Trieu Phong District People’s Committee said local authorities will ramp up infrastructure and transfer technology to farmers in the village. The people living here will get to know plants that are easily grown on sand.

The project has turned thousands of hectares of white sand into rich farmland. It really is a model for socio-economic development and poverty reduction.-VNA