Relic site in Bac Giang evokes visitors’ patriotism

The battle of Chi Lang-Xuong Giang in 1427 was a decisive milestone marking the victory of Dai Viet (now Vietnam) under King Le Loi’s command against invaders from the North of the country, the Ming dynasty. With such historical significance, Xuong Giang relic site in Bac Giang city, Bac Giang province was recognised as a Special National Historical Relic Site at the end of 2019.

Xuong Giang was once an important teracotta stronghold for the Ming dynasty’s army in the early 1400s. Due to its strategic location, it was carefully covered by four fortresses.

In order to occupy this location, Le Loi and his troop fought relentlessly for days following sophisticated strategies enforced by their commander.

To commenmorate ancient heroes and educate younger generations on patriotism, Xuong Giang temple was built by Bac Giang provincial People’s Committee in 2012 next to the vestiges of the Xuong Giang stronghold. The temple covers an area of 10 hectares, with several functional builldings, including a shrine, an exhibition house and a cultural palace.

The Xuong Giang stronghold was significant in the battle of Chi Lang-Xuong Giang. Here, commander Le Loi (then King Le Thai To) destroyed the Ming dynasty’s troops led by General Lieu Thang. The victory ended two decades Ming invasions. In order to commenmorate the historical milestone, the province holds a festival on the 6th and 7th days of the first lunar month every year.

Following the recognition, local authorties, revelant agencies and people are expected to uphold the preservation of the relic site in order to promote local tourism and educate youngsters about patriotism./.