In 2005, on Ho Chi Minh’s 115th birth anniversary, a statue commemorating the great leader was built in Montreuil Park on the outskirts of Paris by the government and people of Montreuil city.

The city is proud to have contributed to the friendship between Vietnamese and French people during years of fighting for Vietnam’s independence and reunification as well as in the process of building and developing the country.

Inside the park is a Living History Museum with a Ho Chi Minh Space housing documents and artifacts related to his time in the country

Meanwhile, historian Alain Ruscio, author of “Ho Chi Minh - Articles and Fights”, published in 2019, affirmed that Uncle Ho left several valuable and practical works for posterity.

Uncle Ho’s spirit of freedom and peace connected people from the two countries. The memorabilia and memories of the man in France continue to tighten the friendship and cooperation between the two peoples./.