Positive changes have been made in education and culture in ethnic minorities-inhabited areas in the Central Highlands where special attention has been paid to improving health care and driving back dangerous diseases.

The information was released at a meeting held in Buon Ma Thuot city, Dak Lak province, on Dec. 27 to review a Party Politburo resolution on socio-economic development and ensuring national defence and security in the Central Highlands between 2001-2010.

The meeting was also heard that a comprehensive priority was given to the development of the Central Highlands region in order to improve local people’s living conditions.

The region’s GDP in 2010 increased by 2.8 times over 2001, representing a yearly growth of 11.9 percent.

Transport system has been upgraded to connect provinces in the region as well as to other regions in the East-West corridor.

Currently, 91 percent of communes are accessible by cars, 98 percent of villages have access to the national grid and 68 percent of households are provided with fresh water.

Addressing the function, General Le Hong Anh, politburo member, Minister of Public Security and Head of the Steering Committee for Central Highlands Affairs, asked regional localities to pay more attention to improving living standards for local people, especially those in the ethnic minority community and in remote areas.

The localities must focus on poverty reduction to better the life of local people, he said./.