With the football World Cup being the talk of the town for sometime now, retailers, electronics stores and supermarkets have kicked off a slew of promotions.

In Ho Chi Minh City, it is hard to go to a supermarket or electronics store without noticing the ubiquitous offers.

Metro Cash & Carry Vietnam's advertisement saying "No need to go to Brazil, just come to Metro to enjoy the World Cup" has made customers curious.

A spokesperson revealed the wholesaler has set up a small stadium at each of its 19 outlets nation-wide, each equipped with a giant screen and large enough for 200 people. Metro has bought the rights to show all the World Cup matches that go on from June 13 to July 14.

It will also cut the prices of many foods and other items by 10-47 percent during the tournament.

"The main target is not to increase revenues. We want to create a place for football fans who do not have the chance to go to the stadium," the spokesperson said.

Electronics stores are, however, offering the best promotions.

Dienmay.com is offering a large television to customers who correctly guess the winner of the World Cup.

It is also offering discounts and freebies on TV sets.

The company hopes to increase TV sales by 50 percent compared to normal days, a spokesperson said.

Thegioididong.com is offering customers buying mobile phones in June a chance to visit Brazil besides other prizes.

Nguyenkim.com, dienmaycholon.vn, and many other electronics retailers are also offering prizes for correctly guessing the winner.

On their websites it is hard to miss the many offers, including exchanges of old TV sets for new ones and discounts of up to 50 percent.

A Nguyen Kim spokesperson said his company's outlay on promotions this time is twice that of any other in the past, but he refused to disclose figures.

Some retailers like Thien Hoa and Pico allow customers to borrow TV sets to watch the World Cup.

According to a retailer, a global event like the World Cup is a great opportunity for companies to advertise their brands and stimulate demand through promotions.

These programmes often push sales up by 30 percent, he said.-VNA