Vietnam has one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, River Safari, which is located in South Hoi An. Here visitors can always have new experiences when sightseeing on a boat.

They can also observe the life of rare wild animals along the riversides. River Safari is currently nurturing 49 wildlife species such as rhinos, antelopes, kangaroos, giraffes, zebras…

The animals here are segregated to different islands according to their unique habits and habitats. This helps ensuring each species can live in its natural habitat. The river surface is the living area for water birds such as swans, mallards, flamingos, etc.

The reeds here also often become the breeding grounds for these birds. Herbivores such as antelopes, deer, zebras … are all living on a big island. Wild animals and carnivores such as tigers, lions or territorial primates are separated onto other islands.

Many precious parrots are being kept in secluded areas which are recreated as closely as possible with their natural habitats.

The experience of interacting directly with natural animals is an attractive highlight for both domestic and foreign tourists who choose to visit River Safari in particular and Hoi An city in general./.