RoK festival goes vibrant in Vietnam

A series of fascinating activities was held at the Korea Travel Festa 2024 at K-Town, Ocean City in the capital city of Hanoi on May 25-26 to popularise the East Asian country’s tourism among Vietnamese tourists.

The event, which featured over 40 booths of Vietnamese and Korean firms, brought interesting experience to visitors such as Hanbok dress-up, traditional Tuho game and picture coloring. Besides, substantial discounts were offered for Korea tours at the event, including K-drama, cycling, cruise and Carnival tours.

Furthermore, the festival went even more vibrant with stellar performances staged by famous V-pop and K-pop artists.

Last year, the Republic of Korea welcomed 420,000 tourist arrivals from Vietnam while 3.6 million Koreans spent their holidays in Vietnam. Currently, the RoK is the top source of international visitors of Vietnam, and the latter is the fifth largest of the Korean side.

During January – April, over 167,000 Vietnamese visitors made their trips to the RoK, up 32.6% from the same time last year, marking the highest figure in Southeast Asia./.