Russia helps VN improve military capacity

Russia helps Vietnam improve military capacity

Cooperation with Russia in military technology, personnel training is important for Vietnam.
Cooperation with Russia in military technology, personnel training and technology transfer is important for Vietnam in improving its army’s capacity and combat readiness to protect the national sovereignty and integrity.

The remarks were made by Defence Minster Phung Quang Thanh while briefing Moscow-based Vietnamese media agencies of his freshly-finished visit to Russia.

He recalled Russia’s cooperation and assistance to Vietnam in all fields, including defence, through the years, and mirrored quantitative and qualitative developments in the current military technology and defence cooperation as part of the two countries’ strategic partnership.

He noted that, apart from realising the signed defence and military technology cooperation agreements, his visit sought for more intensive cooperation activities in personnel training and military technology with the Russian side.

Accordingly, concrete agreements on personnel training and military technical cooperation were adopted and Vietnam’s purchases of weaponry from Russia were guaranteed in terms of quality, price and after-sales services, the Minister said.

The two countries discussed the possibility of establishing a joint venture to repair and maintain the weapons that the former Soviet Union had provided for Vietnam as non-refundable aid as well as the hi-tech equipment Russia has recently sold to the Southeast Asian country.

Within the visit’s framework, the Vietnamese delegation visited some of Russia’s military units and learned about essential knowledge on army building at present.

Thanh referred to the Russian side’s suggestion of Vietnam streamlining administrative procedures for Russian vessels to dock at Cam Ranh port for repair and maintenance services and sailors’ relaxation during their operations when necessary.

Vietnam’s Cam Ranh deep-water seaport lies near international maritime routes between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean which see the freighting of up to 45 percent of international cargo volume. Therefore, there are demands for ship maintenance, technical services and sailors’ relaxation after month-long voyages, not only from Russia but from other countries as well, he said.

He reiterated Vietnam’s consistent stance of neither forming a military alliance with any foreign countries nor letting them establish a military base in the country. Vietnam pursues a policy of independence, self-reliance and multilateralisation and diversification of its international relations, he stressed.

The Minister affirmed that deepening defence cooperation in a broader, deeper manner is necessary for the sake of people of Vietnam and Russia and peace in the region.-VNA

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