Dao Thi Nui took a broom, a shovel and a bin bag before pairing up with a classmate on the morning of Oct. 2 and heading off to clean one of the streets in her hometown, Sa Pa, in the northwestern province of Lao Cai.

The Tay ethnic minority student was among hundreds taking part in Green Day, an event organised by the Victoria Sa Pa Resort and Spa to promote the protection of the local environment.

It was the fourth time Nui, a ninth grade student at Sa Pa district's Ethnic Boarding School, had taken part in the event with a view to raising public awareness.

"I am happy I can join in the event and help maintain a tidy town," said Nui.

"I know my duty and try to explain to my classmates and family that it is also their responsibility to look after Sa Pa," Nui said with regret, because next year she will be leaving the town to attend high school.

"The Victoria Group is organising Green Day all over Vietnam and Cambodia to make the region a better place to live and a healthy destination to visit and stay," said Sebastien Rodriguez, general manager of the Victoria Sa Pa Resort and Spa.

"Since the beginning we have committed to make the environment and the people in the town safe, green and prosperous. We understand that people come from different parts of the world to enjoy Sa Pa's beautiful scenery and clean air.

"But some people still throw out plastic, paper and other waste. I hope that through our activities today we show that we care about the environment," the French expat added.

The annual activity was hailed by district officials and many local residents.

"I have seen people's attitudes towards protecting our environment change. Sa Pa has not always been as perfect as we want but the situation has greatly improved," said Nguyen Dinh Hiep, head of Sa Pa district's Natural Resources and Environment Department.

"The activity has greatly influenced our community. Now I see people picking up garbage and putting it in the dustbin, which was rare in the past," Hiep said.

The seventh Green Day attracted students from 10 schools and Victoria Sa Pa staff who were divided into groups working in focused areas of the tourism hub.

The event was also organised by Victoria Resorts in Hoi An, Phan Thiet, Can Tho, Chau Doc and Siem Reap./.