As many as 1,000 students, volunteers and local people participated in a “Safe Walking” campaign, launched in Ho Chi Minh City on May 11 in response to the second United Nations Global Road Safety Week.

The event covered a series of activities, including exchanges with the goodwill ambassador, a programme to provide information on appropriate pedestrian behaviour, a photo exhibition, and a road show to promote safe walking.

These activities aim to raise awareness of safe walking and warn people about the threats pedestrians face on the streets today.

On the occasion, the organising board also presented awards to the 60 best entries in the "Safe Walking" photography contest. More than 100 photos from the contest were selected to introduce the topic to the public in HCM City.

About 30 people in Vietnam die every day as a result of traffic accidents, and pedestrians are at the highest risk of being killed or injured in an accident.-VNA