The Bkav network security company announced that it has successfully blocked bogus incoming calls from satellite telephones.

In order to do this, users are advised to install Bkav Mobile Security software in their mobile phones using the website

Alternatively, those who use Android operating systems can download the software from Google Play.

Alternatively, people who use BlackBerry’s can access it from App World while iOS users can do the same from Cydia. Once installed, Bkav Mobile Security will automatically run an up to date version on a regular basis.

The scam involved users receiving ‘missed calls’ on their phones, sent by international numbers which belong to the Global Mobile Satellite System (GMSS).

When users call back, they themselves are charged hundreds thousands of VND in fees, even though the phones at the other end just ring.
Mobile operators are unable to refund these fees as international numbers are not under the management of any single country.-VNA