Security Ministry spokesman speaks about illegal entry hinh anh 1Chief of the Office of the Ministry of Public Security and spokesman, Maj. Gen. To An Xo at the event (Photo: VNA) 
Hanoi (VNA) – Chief of the Office of the Ministry of Public Security and spokesman, Maj. Gen. To An Xo answered questions on issues related to public security under its State management, during the regular Government press conference in Hanoi on August 3.

About recent illegal entry of the Chinese, Xo said after COVID-19 broke out again, the ministry asked units and localities to seriously follow the Prime Minister’s Directives No.16 and No.19 and guideline documents on pandemic prevention and control, including inspection of immigration at border gates and international airports, especially at localities with trails and open roads.

The ministry also requested ensuring absolute safety of concentrated quarantine areas, thus keeping front-line forces from infections.

According to him, illegal entries were mostly made by Chinese natives and Vietnamese workers who worked in neighbouring countries without contracts. Due to continuous natural disasters and the pandemic outbreak in China, they entered Vietnam to seek jobs while some sought way to move to Cambodia for gambling.

Since the beginning of this year, 504 Chinese have been found to illegally enter Vietnam in 27 out of the 63 localities. Since June, local public security forces and border guards have uncovered 21 cases involving 177 illegal Chinese immigrants, and launched criminal proceedings against 19 Vietnamese and several Chinese in five cases, he said.

He also suggested issuing suitable policies for illegal Vietnamese immigrants, most of them illegal workers in China.

About the case of Nhat Cuong mobile company, Xo said the Central Steering Committee on Corruption Prevention and Control has directed completing investigation in the third quarter.

Three were arrested for appropriation of State secret documents related to the company, including two from the Hanoi City People’s Committee and one from the ministry’s Police Department for Corruption, Smuggling and Economic Crimes.

The ministry will announce the result of the investigation when it is finished, he said./.