The Ho Chi Minh Academy of Politics and Public Administration in conjunction with the Venezuelan Embassy in Vietnam on April 26 held a scientific seminar on President Hugo Chavez’s political ideology and evaluate the future of the Bolivarian Revolution.

The seminar was attended by Venezuelan Ambassador to Vietnam Jorge Rondon Uzcategui.

Hugo Chavez (1954 – 2013) is considered as an icon of revolutionary Latin America. He founded the revolutionary movement named People’s Liberation Army of Venezuela in 1977. Until his death in 2013, Chavez had dedicated 36 years of his life to revolutionary activities, with 15 years as the president of Venezuela, opening a new chapter for the Latin American country.

His legacy consists of a 15-year-old Bolivarian Revolutionary and a political ideology which upholds the anti-imperialism banner, uncompromisingly criticises the neo-liberalism doctrine and zealously seeks a better socio-economic development model for the nation and people. Chavez also initiated the idea that the building of socialism in the 21st century, both in theory and practice, as a sound and suitable path for Venezuela , while advocating reviving and developing the solidarity bloc of Latin America .

The building of the 21st century socialism in Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador and Nicaragua has gained many encouraging achievements, which do great credit to the political ideology and Chavez himself. The future of Bolivarian Revolutionary also depends on how his ideology will be applied and continued.

At the event, the Venezuelan Ambassador updated participants with more information on socialism of the 21st century in Venezuela , and current situation of the country.-VNA