Ways to boost tourism in Thanh Hoa province’s Vinh Loc district, home to Ho dynasty citadel, a world cultural heritage, were discussed at a seminar recently held in the same province.

The Ho dynasty citadel was the capital of Vietnam from 1397 to 1407.

Located in Vinh Tien and Vĩnh Long communes in Vinh Loc district, the citadel was entirely built of stone and remains almost intact throughout ups and downs in history.

The building is famous for its strategic location in which it could be easily defended. It is protected by a mountain range to the north, while the Mã river runs to its west and the Bưởi river to its south. All create a huge natural moat.

Nearly two years after the Ho dynasty citadel became the world cultural heritage, the development of tourism in Vinh Loc district remains a thorny issue for local authorities.

Participants at the event mulled ways of boosting local tourism in combination with its spiritual culture. Some recommended more effective State management solutions and more diverse tourist products.-VNA