The construction of six urban area and residential projects is scheduled to kick off in the northern province of Bac Giang from now to early 2016, according to Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Lai Thanh Son.

The projects include the 17.8-hectare Bach Viet new urban area, 23.3-hectare Kosy new urban area, 11.8-hectare Dong Cua new urban area, 8.4-hectare Cho Moi residential area, and two projects in Yen Dung District covering 18.5 hectares and 19.8 hectares, respectively.

Difficulties have been addressed within the province to boost project implementation. The Department of Construction was asked to cooperate with relevant agencies to draw investment to the province and create favourable policies for residential investment projects.

The province is also reforming administration procedures to shorten the time required for project evaluations by 20-30 percent.

In addition, the province and its localities have mapped out investment plans and arranged capital for 2016-2020 to carry out approved social infrastructure initiatives such as schools, cultural houses and medical stations at approved residential projects.

Some 16 residential projects are taking shape in the province, though their progress has been slow, the Department of Construction said.-VNA