Sixth National Party Congress hinh anh 1Scene at the 6th National Party Congress (Photo:

Hanoi (VNA) - Since its establishment, the Communist Party of Vietnam has held 11 Congresses. Each Congress is considered an important historical milestone in recognising the Vietnamese revolution’s victories, achievements and lessons.

The sixth National Party Congress in 1986 was a congress of comprehensively renewing the nation for the victory of socialism.

Implementing the Resolutions of the fourth and fifth National Party Congresses and the resolutions of the Party Central Committees during these terms, the Vietnamese people strived to overcome difficulties and record a broad range of important achievements. The socialist reform made a step forwards. However, beside these achievements, the country’s economy and society faced a lot of challenges. There were mistakes in economic restructuring, especially in capital investment and construction during the years from 1976 to 1980, leaving heavy consequences.

The nation’s situation posed big challenges to the Party, which required reform of the leadership method, firstly the way of thinking. The sixth National Party Congress took place in Hanoi from December 15-18, 1986. Attending the congress were 1,129 delegates, who represented almost 1.9 million Party members, and 32 international delegations.

Based on the correct analysis and evaluation of the country’s situation, the sixth National Party Congress outlined the renewal policy. The congress affirmed that the comprehensive renewal in all spheres, firstly focusing on economic policy, and maintaining political stability, were premises to ensure the success of the renewal process.

The congress drew up four major lessons: First, in all of its activities, the Party must thoroughly grasp the idea “The people are the root”, establish and promote the working people’s right to mastery. As the ruling party, the Party must pay special attention to strengthening its linkages with the people. All polices of the Party must originate from the working people’s interests. Second, the Party always proceeds from reality, respects and acts in line with objective rules. Third, it was a must to combine the nation’s strengths with the era’s strengths amid new conditions. Fourth, the Party must be strengthened to be able to perform the political task of a ruling party that leads the people in conducting socialist revolution. The urgent issue was to enhance the Party’s combating and leadership capacity. The principle of concentrated democracy must be maintained in Party activities as well as its leadership of socio-economic development.

The congress decided to supplement and revise a number of specific points in the Party’s Statutes to make them comply with the new situation. The congress elected a Central Committee for the sixth tenure, consisting of 124 official and 49 alternate members. Comrade Nguyen Van Linh was elected as General Secretary. (To be continued)-VNA