Son La plums entering main crop

Plum-growing areas in Son La are now entering into the main crop of the year. Thanks to changes in farming methods and support from local authorities in recent times, the fruit has become a bread-winner for many local farmers.

Phieng Khoai commune is a key plum-growing area in Yen Chau district, Son La province, and its plums are now being harvested and transported to sales points. During this main season, Phieng Khoai collects some 200 tons of plums each day.

In order to improve the value of the plums, local authorities have supported and encouraged farmers to change cultivation methods. Some 70 percent of the plum area in Yen Chau district now uses modern irrigation networks. The trees are also trimmed and fertilised during each cycle, resulting in high quality and uniform size.

With a total growing area of more than 11,000 hectares, Son La is expected to harvest 60,000 tons of plums this year. Its plums have stable markets, with average earnings of about 150 million - 200 million VND per hectare. With quality and brand confirmed, plum trees help many remote and poor areas in Son La develop and post higher earnings./.