Southern Thailand suffers wave of attacks hinh anh 1CCTV caught two separate drive-by ambushes in Narathiwat by pairs of insurgents on motorcycles (Source :Bangkok Post)

Bangkok (VNA) Separatist gunmen in the southern region of Thailand carried out a series of attacks on March 13.

According to local security authorities the act aimed at marking the 56th anniversary of the insurgent movement known locally as: Brisan Revolusi National (BRN).

The first attack took place in Cho Airong district, Narathiwat province where seven policemen and security patrol officials were injured when the gunmen attacked the security station which is near the local hospital.

In another attack, four gunmen on two motorcycles shot at security patrol officials stationed at railway station.

In the third attack, gunmen ignited a 20 kg bomb under a bridge in BanYanging but they could not destroy the bridge.

In light of the anniversary, security alerts have been raised in Hat Yai, Sadao, Muang, Chana, Thepha, Na Thawi and Saba Yoi districts of Songkhla.-VNA