A project sponsored by the Spanish Red Cross has produced meaningful results in helping the disabled to integrate into the community socially and economically.

By providing vocational training, the project not only helps the disabled with means of livelihoods but also brings them out of their shell to be part of the community.

Nguyen Thi Van, in Duc Hoa hamlet, Thanh Tan commune, Thanh Liem district, had defects in her legs, as an after-effect caused by Agent Orange/dioxin. Poverty prevented Van from seeking treatment for her legs.

However, through assistance from the project, in 2014 Van got a free-of-charge operation that eventually recovered her walking ability.

In addition, Van was admitted to a class of lace embroidery, where she learnt how to embroider and then found a job earning her over one million VND each month.

But more importantly, Van is gradually getting rid of her sense of inferiority to integrate herself into the community.

Van said being able to walk is a dream come true and she is now no longer the burden of her family.

Besides Van, around 90 disabled people in Ha Nam province have benefited from the project.

The Ha Nam Red Cross has so far organised five classes of vocational training for the disabled, who were taught to use sewing machines, embroider or make conical hats in a period of seven months.

Nguyen Minh Toan, chairman of the Ha Nam Red Cross, the project is of sustainable and humanitarian significance, helping the disabled to get treatments and jobs, stable incomes, which eventually help them stand on their own feet.

Toan said the association would provide vocational training to around 150 disabled people by the end of 2015.

According to the statistics of the Ha Nam Association of Disabled People, the province has nearly 18,000 disabled people. Of which 1,200 are enjoying regular allowances from the State budget.

Besides that, over 1,000 households with disabled people get financial assistance.-VNA