Spreading the beauty of ancient Vietnamese costumes

With the rapid pace of fashion trends, antique Vietnamese costumes may well have been on the verge of oblivion. To preserve and spread their traditional beauty, however, a number of organisations and individuals in Ninh Binh province have held a series of photo tours to bring antique Vietnamese costumes closer to the public.

Sights and attractions such as Hoa Lu ancient capital, Bich Dong Pagoda, Thien Ha Cave, the Temple of Saint Nguyen, and a space simulating buffalo fighting were among the destinations of the photo tours, called “Through the heritage domain”, held by the Ba Ngan (three thousand) Art Exhibitor, who coordinated with the “Dong Phong” tailoring and sewing of traditional costumes. At each destination, models were dressed in different costumes.

Attire such as “Tấc” “Ngũ thân”, “Giao Lĩnh”, and “Nhật Bình” appear in tourist areas and attractions in Ninh Binh with lively colours. Combined with an ancient, quiet space, they not only enhance their beauty but also attract many people who love learning about traditional culture.

In addition to antique costume photo tours, exhibitions of the costumes and demonstrations of fabric dyeing have also been held, helping to give the antique Vietnamese costumes a presence in the modern world. Such events not only preserve and uphold the traditional beauty of traditional Vietnamese costumes throughout the dynasties, but also introduce and promote the image of the land and people of Ninh Binh to domestic and foreign visitors./.