Square cakes as Tet gifts for underprivileged people

Volunteer students in Ho Chi Minh City have made 2,000 square glutinous rice cakes as presents to needy and homeless people in the city on the occasion of the Lunar New Year (or Tet).

These neat and eye-catching square glutinous rice cakes are made by volunteer students in Ho Chi Minh City during a cake making event for needy people in the city. Wrapping the cakes for the first time but most of the students are eager to learn, with the hope to make the best cakes to present to the poor.

Duong Thao who is a student from University of Science and Technology, Ho Chi Minh City said "Since these cakes are gifts for the homeless people in the city, I found it very meaningful to bring tiny happiness to those who are less lucky than us.

Phan Van Vu Phuong, another student from Open University, Ho Chi Minh City shared that "This is our sincere sentiment to underprivileged people. I am very happy to make these cakes."

The 2,000 cakes will be boiled and handed to poor and homeless people as well as needy children in the City.

Honourary Consulate of South Africa Embassy in Ho Chi Minh City, Do Thi Kim Lien said "The students selected the materials and make the cakes all by themselves so each cake is the manifestation of our sentiment, love and responsibility to the poor. The first batch of cake will be delivered tomorrow."

Besides making rice cakes, the volunteers also donate blood and present gifts to needy people in the city. The meaningful activities are contributing to bringing a cozier Tet festival to poor people in the locality. - VNA