State Bank urges loans for new-style rural building hinh anh 1Building a road in a rural area (Photo: VNA)

Hanoi (VNA) – The State Bank has urged credit organisations to intensify loans for new-style rural building.

Accordingly, the bank has issued a document No 691/NHNN-TD requesting its branches work with authorised bodies to fortify the implementation of the National Target Programme on New Rural Development.

The bank has also instructed credit organisations balance their capital resources
to meet capital needs in order to carry out the programme.

The State Bank’s branches in provinces and cities nationwide have been instructed to periodically report on the loan situation for new-style rural building under several categories such as loan data, outcomes, difficulties, and solutions in order to increase the effectiveness of the capital in the implementation of the programme.

The National Target Programme on New Rural Development, launched in 2010, sets out 19 criteria for new-style rural areas, covering infrastructure, production, living standards, income and culture, among others.

Since 2010 about 2,500 large-scale field models were set up in 43 provinces, covering about 556,000 hectares. Many production chain models were also formed in husbandry, aquaculture and forestry.

Vocational training for rural labourers has also born significant outcomes.

Around 56.5 percent of communes have satisfied the criterion of income and 85.5 percent have met that of employment.

Nearly 1,300 communes (14.5 percent) and 11 districts nationwide have been recognised as new-style rural areas to date.-VNA